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Mining solutions: Aggregates & Dimension stone

Aerial surveys
3D modeling
Easy deployment

Aerial surveys, 3D modeling and stockpile measurement

Flyterra delivers precise aerial surveys through use of small aerial drones (UAV).  Clients use the 3D models and high quality orthomosaics provided by these surveys to initiate and improve production planning, inventory management, mineral reserve calculation, and production quality.

Flyterra has a wide range of solution options to meet the specific needs of any client (For example, depending on the desired precision of survey and size of the area to be surveyed).

Flyterra also enables interested customers to perform their own surveys by offering UAVs, software, and training.

Example of deliveries:

  • Orthorectified high definition photo
  • Stockpile measurement (aggregate, sand)
  • Precise Terrain Models (DEM)
  • 3D models
  • Dense point cloud

Business cases:

  • 3D quarry modeling

After a 15min flight, 200 pictures were processed through photogrametry software to render a 3D model of the quarry.

Click on the model below to see the full high definition, 3D model showing ground texture of the quarry.  You can also see it full screen and zoom in and out of the model.


3D modeling of the quarry to measure for distance and estimate the possibility of future development.

 Click here to see another example

    • Stockpile estimation

Contours lines are created on each pile to see the geometry.


The volume of each pile can be quickly calculated.


 Another view on the orthophoto