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Precision agriculture & Forestry survey

Cza vue aérienne

Aerial surveys, Crop monitoring, Precision agriculture

The use of aerial surveys is not new to the agricultural world. Satellites have been used for a decade to inspect large croplands and forestry.  With the use of UAVs, Flyterra brings a new level of precision and flexibility to the field.   UAV flights can be accomplished “on demand”, without relying on the position of a satellite or having the right weather conditions. In addition, UAV pictures are taken 400ft from the ground, resulting in better quality images.

Flyterra has a wide range of solution options to meet the specific needs of any client.  Solutions range from high resolution UAV aerial imagery to satellite processed imagery to cover very large areas.  We deliver the full project- from image acquisition to processing and  data analysis.

Flyterra also offers all of the needed equipment, software, and training so that interested customers can collect their own data.   Once data is obtained, we offer full data processing and analysis or simply provide support.

Example of deliveries :

  • Orthorectified high definition photo with parcel identification
  • NDVI and Leaf Coverage estimation (LAI)
  • Terrain Models (DEM) for irrigation
  • Crop Growth Monitoring

Business cases:

    • Growth monitoring of grapes

Summary: Aerial photos were taken with a NIR camera at the proper time (veraison). After processing, the NDVI helps the customer estimate the LAI within each parcel and decide the best sequence of harvesting and the grouping of grapes per zone.  Ultimately, this helps the customer produce a better quality product.

The first step is to identify the parcels on aerial data.



For each parcel, NIRGB and RBG data is processed using photogramety software.  NDVI is calculated allowing for accurate estimate the LAI.