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Who we are

Flyterra’s background

Flyterra is a US based company which was created in 2012.  Flyterra was launched in accordance of the new regulations allowing the operation of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) into the civil airspace in France and Canada and in anticipation of similar US regulations in 2015.

Flyterra’s unique expertise is drawn from:

  • An elite group of individuals, each of whom worked for more over 16 years in the UAS field
  • A network of US and European drone manufacturers
  • A modern approach that employs the latest and most cost effective technologies in the industry

Our vision

A new method of aerial survey and data collection

Flyterra now makes aerial pictures and terrain data accessible to almost any business. By taking full advantage of latest technological advancements, we offer our clients precise, up-to-date aerial pictures (orthophotos) and 3D terrain models. Flyterra also offers all this to clients at a fraction of the cost of satellite, traditional aircraft, or surveying crews.

Flyterra can provide critical and beneficial information to clients working in several industries: agribusiness, mining, electricity, oil and gas, emergency services, disaster response, utilities, forest and land management, and many more.

The new generation of aerial data acquisition that Flyterra provides to its clients delivers aerial photos, DEM, or terrain modeling to industries that gain little benefit from the slow response time and pricing of traditional means.

How do we do it?

Flyterra employs the combination of micro-UASs, the latest photogrametric software programs, and increased computer processing power,  allowing the capture of terrain data at up to 2cm precision (less than an inch).  Small UAVs  (also called drones) are lightweight unmanned aircrafts. They are hand-launched on the field and fly autonomously while completing data collection.  UAVs are electric-powered and have virtually no impact on the environment.

Flyterra adapts to each customer’s specific needs.  We can fly the mission and deliver the processed data (orthophotos, video, 3D model, DEM).  We can also provide interested clients with the equipment, software, training, and support so they can introduce the technology on an as-needed basis into the daily workflow.  Our goal is to provide the proper solution to meet each client’s specific applications.

Flyterra handles all projects in full compliance with all industry regulations (Transport Canada, FAA), privacy laws, and, of course, ensuring safety at all times.  All data gathered is kept fully confidential.

Vivien Heriard Dubreuil – President