Drones (UAS)


Flexible, lightweight and electric

Flyterra uses the best professional products available on the market and in particular the products form Delair-tech (France) and Microdrones Gmbh (Germany), which are the references in their respective categories.

Flyterra will source the right platform for your mission. Below are three examples of complementary platforms currently available:

  • small quad-rotor for an easy use and deployment (MD4-200)
  • medium quad-rotor for more endurance and payload capacity (MD4-1000)
  • electrical powered gliders for bigger coverage and longer range missions (DT-18)

These three cost effective models are modern and reliable designs.

Take-off weight (g)1,100 gr6,000 gr2,000 gr
Wingspan or diameter (cm)54 cm103 cm180 cm
Endurance (min)up to 30 minup to 88 min120 min
PayloadDaylight, dawn or IR camera, still images cameraDaylight, dawn or IR camera, Still images camera, Lidar...CCD, NIR/RGB or IR
Range Aircraftup to 6 km on WPup to 20 km on WPup to 100 km
Range RC datalink (km)up to 40 (LOS)up to 40 km (LOS)up to 40 km (LOS)
Video live feedbackyes if neededyes if neededyes if needed
No need for a runwayyesyesyes

Electric propulsion offers clean operation with excellent reliability and simple maintenance. Lightweight design makes flying easy in non-restricted airspace for commercial applications.


Coming soon :

DT-26 – New ultra long range UAV

DT-26 zoom3

  • 4 hrs of endurance
  • up to 250 km range with only a 8 kg UAV

MD4-3000 – Enleashes Power!


  • MTOW: 15 kg
  • Payload: up to 3 kg